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Hu Hotel

Hu Hotel and Various Interesting Things Inside

The hotel is a part that you should consider when you have plans to travel out of town or abroad. Having references from the start is very important so you don’t have to look for it when you come to the city and destination. Having hotel references and recommendations is also very important so that


Pay attention to this when staying at a star hotel

Star and non-star hotel services are usually different, therefore this article wants to give you tips for beginners who want to stay at star hotels. Here are 3 important things you should pay attention to, including: Check-in and check-out timesWhen staying at five-star hotels, you must pay attention to check-in and check-out times. Because the

Tips and Tricks for Booking Hotels for Vacations at Low Prices

Tips and Tricks for Booking Hotels for Vacations at Low Prices

Hotels are the most preferred places to sleep while on vacation with family, friends, or couples. Besides being easy to find, hotel facilities are also very complete, making it easier for travelers to meet their needs during the holidays.Hotel prices also vary greatly depending on the type of hotel and the type of room selected.

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Get to know the various types of hotel rooms and their facilities

Before deciding to stay at a hotel, you should know the type of hotel room so that you can adjust it to your budget. Both hotels in Indonesia and abroad both have different types of rooms and facilities. Here are some types of hotel rooms that you should know: Cabana RoomCabana room type is the